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AlphaShield... so it's really "unhackeable"?



Alphashield is a home oriented firewall developed by Saafnet. 
The software is intented to protect xDSL clients from unauthorized 
users from the Internet. The device has a nice feature that allows 
a fisical interruption of the data flow to the client without 
losing the logical connection to the provider. All this seems OK. 

The problem appears when Saafnet claims that it's device is "unhackable"...
Probably Saafnet staff has never seen a corporate firewall... Probably 
they know nothing about Circuit-Level proxy firewalls, mac filtering, 
IP filtering, authentication, layer 7 firewalls, content inspection, etc...
Probably they never worked with Firewall-1, Netscreen, IpTables,... 
Those are serious firewalls that take advantage of newest packet filtering 
technologies... and even they are not "unhackable"...
We are not going to go trough a deep analisys of the Alphashield, because 
there's no need. There's not to mutch to explain: simple embedded device, 
with simple TCP/IP stack, no MAC filtering, no ARP filtering, poor IP 
filtering, unable to track connections,... simply a toy for your son...
an "unhackable" toy? Let's see ;-)

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Hugo Vazquez Carames & Toni Cortes Martinez



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